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What our clients think...

Pedro Figueroa, owner of Kudos Massage Therapy, explains how Aquamen Marketing has helped grow his business by over 25% in just a few short weeks and the steps they took to get there.

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Start Swimming with the Big Fish...

Aquamen Marketing brings creative, effective and affordable marketing solutions to our clients. We bring the skills and know-how to develop individual plans to help businesses exceed their financial goals. We constantly study digital market trends and focus on applying the most innovative strategies to optimize success. We're here to dive deeper into your market, drive traffic to your business and ensure the best, sustainable results.

What we do...



We research the market location 

of where your product is purchased or the areas you provide your 

services. Then take it step further by defining your audiences' demographics and behaviors.

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We brand your existing business to appeal to your defined target and make you stand out from any competition. Strong visual branding is the backbone to longevity, uniqueness and effective marketing.

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We create different series of advertisements and display them in the most effective streams. Through data analysis, we define the best working ads and continue to improve their efficiency.

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We generate traffic to collect leads or make direct sales through 

organic results and advertisements. We also increase SEO through this traffic and driven actions on websites and social media outlets.

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We retain consumers who have purchased your goods or service through email broadcasts, reminders, sale notifications, blogs and/or feedback forms. Good reviews will entice new leads.

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