5 Step Process

      At Aquamen Marketing we worked hard to create the perfect outline to fit every project and service we offer and continue to work even harder when applying it to our clients’ needs. This system is our key to success to work fluidly with our clients, cohesively with our own team, and guarantee the most return out of any investment.



Analyze & Research


Finding Target Demographics & Best Media Outlet

      How else would you figure out what methods of promotion will work best if you’re unfamiliar with your customers? Step 1 is completely dedicated to finding the appropriate average consumer otherwise known as an Avatar. Your business’ Avatar is the perfect consumer, who can be described from age and income to hobbies. We run a thorough diagnostic to search for your average consumer and create most material in mind to target them. This process allows us to find the best medium for Marketing and Advertising content.


Drafting Action


Coordinating Plan & Gathering Material

      Now knowing the right demographics, it’s time to find the appropriate solutions. The right notes, resources, and assistances are selected to create a flawless Action Plan. We make sure all factors are accounted for and that we make everything as flexible as possible to attract the audience researched in Step 1. We use our premier communication skills with our teams to set up the success of the next step.


Material Creation


Service Assembly and Final Review

Time to get the ball rolling.

     With the aid of our Action Plan, we create the right image and message for your brand through our Design Team. Using cutting-edge technological resources, we create user-friendly, highly-interactive and visually appealing content ready for the best suiting Promotional Strategies congruent to the research in Step 1.



Releasing Material to Target Audience

     Promoting correctly is the most important step of the process. With the appropriate audience and content, the right promotional strategies and mediums should be used lightly without oversaturating the population.      Our intent is to stream content effectively, not drown our audience with material. We try to choose the most non-invasive campaigns possible so we don’t anger any current or potential consumers.

Efficiency Test


Outcome Evaluation

     After completing the promotional period, we run a report to see how effective the campaign turns out. We look over every step as well to assure everything is optimized. We compare our projections to the true projections and answer the following questions: How well did it work? Is it worth continuing? If the results bring a large return, we suggest to continue the campaign to keep attracting customers in an even larger area range and will also suggest a number of alternatives to maximize profits.

Fluid Marketing, Waves of Advertising and a Splash of Design

Aquamen Marketing

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