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     Online and Mobile Advertising is the perfect avenue for a successful Advertising Campaign. While the Online Community is at a record-breaking high, Mobile Advertising is the ultimate medium for getting your businesses’ name out to the largest audience possible. Naturally, the combination of both will strengthen the efficiency of your campaign. Strategies used include: Search Engine Optimization, active Social Media presence, and Video creation (which now constitutes 50% of all Mobile traffic).


     Just because some methods are traditional doesn’t mean they don’t work exceptionally well. Print Advertising ranges anywhere from a Magazine Ad to a Sign created for an employee to twirl out on the street. Physically printed material attracts consumers who aren’t plugged into their computers or phones and are actively participating in the “natural world.” Your message is spread in the best working manner and through the medium we find best suitable for you by using custom-made graphics.


     A great way to reach a large audience is through our Broadcasting services. Broadcasting is very simple. First you collect information from your consumers or potential customers either verbally or through a lead-capture system. Then, we create a message tested to be successful for your audience. Then we Broadcast the message to your entire audience at the same time either by Email or Phone. This is the most successful way to bring a large group of people directly into your store.


     Public Service Advertising is intended for companies or organizations who want to inform and educate rather than sell a product or service. The best combination of the Advertising Strategies mentioned above are used depending on the message and size of your targeted audience.


     Experimental Advertising, also referred to as Guerilla Advertising, are strategies used for non-traditional companies or companies who are looking for new ways to be discovered. This gives Aquamen Marketing the freedom to promote a business, message or idea through unconventional ways. This type of marketing is intended to be promoted second-hand via news sources or blog outlets after the Advertising Strategies’ unveiling.


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