This is the face of your company. This is how consumers will recognize you. Your product/service, message and values will be portrayed through this image. Use this as the right opportunity to brand a successful company. Our cutting-edge designers pay extreme attention to detail to meet the needs of our clients and provide the best logo design possible for use in all future material.

     If the logo is the face of your company, the website is the body that keeps the face fully functional. Our websites our created through the latest technology in order to provide our clients with the most optimized services that the web can provide. We offer both basic and modern website layouts for easy consumer interaction, custom-made graphics to match the feel of your business, full optimization to rank the highest possible in search engines, full-maintenance to make sure your website is always fully-functional, continuous analytics and statistics updates to track efficiency, flash and coding for state-of-the-art graphics (including photography and video), lead-capture technology for broadcasting, eCommerce store to increase profits through selling online, and much, much more..



     Video Advertising is the Advertising Method of the future bringing in more sales than ever before. By creating optimal video content, businesses’ thrive in today’s fast-paced and exponentially growing market. We offer Video Services to create the best suiting material or the material of your preference like a Commercial, Training Video or even Animation. We carry out all film services: Concept, Scripting, Production, Editing, Graphics, Directing, Shooting and Editing. Our services include the highest-definition available and the latest-technology available, like the use of drone footage.​


     With Social Media outlets like Instagram, Photography has resurfaced as a large selling point in the minds of consumer. High-definition Photos can help boost the popularity of your products or services and even account for sales online. Our services include: Concept, Production, Directing, Shooting and Editing.


     The higher quality the audio, the better the message gets across. Services include: Concept, Recording, Mixing/Mastering and Editing. We also record audio for presentations or commercials (radio or internet radio) and have a Live Event Band to boost the popularity of any live event.

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Business Card

     All business owners and employees should have business cards to help spread the word of your products or services outside of your location. Business Cards are an essential way to showcase your brand and image to potential consumers. Our Graphics Team works with businesses directly in order to make the best quality work possible and satisfy completely.


     Brochures are another great way to pack as much information about products/services, message/values and additional information as humanly possible in the most visually appealing way possible. These are great to hand out in events and work phenomenally to attract new customers who may have not known about the business or what it offers. Again, our Graphics Team does superior work on sleek design and layout.​


     Menus tend to say a lot about the quality of a restaurant. Having a poor menu may detour people from eating at your business. Avoid having this happen by having a menu created for you that is congruent with your restaurant’s identity and flavors on and off the plate. Aquamen’s Design Team caters all graphic abilities to menus of all types. Whether you may have a basic idea or not, Aquamen Marketing strives to make menus that look mouth-watering good.


     Tradition signs work excellent, but it doesn’t mean that they have to be designed traditionally. From rustic to modern, our Design Team will create signs congruent to your businesses’ theme with qualities known to attract new and old consumers in your market.


     Events are a great way to attract the local community and present your products and services directly to people in a new environment where they may be more likely to consume. We offer planning and hosting (implementation) along with live music (band and/or DJ).


     Blogs are recurring posts of content that help boost the searchability of a site. More content equals more chances of ranking higher than competitors. Also, blogs are shared across news and social media platforms increasing the reach of the target audience.

Online Ad

     We create Online Ad Graphics that get attention. We like to call it Click Bait. Along with attracting many consumers, online advertising mediums like Facebook are strict with what they allow for graphics. Certain text to image ratios have to be followed, so leave it to our Design Team to make Graphics that will work for you.


     Another Broadcasting medium overlooked. By sending large, multi-colored envelopes, potential consumers are more likely to view the contents of Direct Mail and use it. This is a great place to advertise using discounts on products/services only redeemable through direct mail to track its’ success.


     Flyers are great to hand out in public areas and events for content exposure. Great way to bring traffic is to offer temporary savings or discounts through flyers and link consumers to your online store.


     Other services include: Writing Copy, Newsletters, Catalogs, Line Cards, Banners, Press Releases, Media Kits and more. For Other Custom work, please be as detailed as possible when requesting a quote.


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